Richmond Neighborhood Community Association

2002 Ferry Circle Photos

These are a few of the many photos taken by photographer Bill Clune during the renovation of Ferry Circle.

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The ground breaking ceremony at W.Ferry held on June 12. From left to right: Symphony Circle representative Ann Angelo, Niagara Councilman Nick Bonifacio, RNCA President Pat Caldiero, Mayor Masiello, Olmsted Conservancy representative Debbie Trimble, Delaware District Councilman Marc Coppola, and Buffalo streets Commissioner Joe Giambra.


This sign was set in place at the ground breaking ceremony, and lists the major groups that made the this restoration possible. It is significant to note that the Rupp Family Foundation funded the 5 globed light standard that is in the center of each circle's island.  


Heavy construction was in full swing when this photo was taken on July 8th.



RNCA members David Bender and Harvey Garrett inspect one of the two light standards that will be soon put in place. This photo was taken on August 26th at Colgate Industries, where the two center lamps were fabricated. The lamps are replicas of the original early 1900s light standards that graced the circles.


David Bender (on the right) was instrumental in keeping the Ferry Circle restoration on track. He is shown with Bob Moffett from Colgate Industries.



This group photo was taken at Colgate Industries on August 26 during a visit to the plant. Kneeling In the front is Symphony Circle representative Bill Lindner. In the first row starting at the left are Symphony Circle members Ann Angelo, Mary Jane Mills, and Sue Byron, RNCA reps Eileen Tobias and Bill Clune. In the second row from the left are Harvey Garrett, David Bender and Ron Tobias. In the far rear is Bob Moffett from Colgate Industries. It is with deep regret to learn that neighborhood advocate Sue Byron had passed away shortly after this photo was taken. Visit the Kleinhans Community Group's tribute to Sue.

This the Medina Sandstone that was eventually cut into sections and placed into position to form the wall on the inner part of the W.Ferry Circle. You can see from the picture that the stone had been previously used. It was Buffalo Police Lieutenant Donna Barry of the RNCA who while on duty (near the Police Garage on Seneca) spotted the stone. It was part of a building being demolished on Seneca near Hamburg St. Donna recognized the importance of the Medina Sandstone, but was told that the city already had plans for it. She wrote a letter to Commissioner Giambra asking him to consider using the stone in the Ferry Circle project. Donna also mentioned the request to John Bidell. In her own words "the rest is history". 


An interesting photo showing the method of cutting the    sandstone into properly shaped pieces.




Worker making cuts in order to get a tighter fit. Photo taken on Sept. 19th.



     The stones are in place, and waiting to be grouted.




A watering system is laid out on the ground, and the plants are in place.



Lamps are being prepared for delivery to W. Ferry and Symphony circles.



Two days before the dedication ceremony a crane is used to place lamp onto its base.




Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, Mayor Masiello and Councilman Nick Bonifacio cut the ribbon at the West Ferry Circle dedication ceremony held on November 1st. This was followed by the dedication of Symphony Circle a short time later. 




Ferry Circle shown lit up in the evening.